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Stand out from the competition via the customer experience

Strong evolutionary forces are affecting the automotive sector:

  • A new attitude towards cars among many consumers, who are now more interested in the service they receive rather than buying a status symbol
  • The digital evolution, which is changing the relationship customers have with brands
  • New concerns over the environment and ethics
  • Decline of the product-first competition model that has reigned for many years
  • New digital distribution models emerging and strong pressure on profit margins

As a stakeholder in the automotive sector, you have identified the customer experience as a strategic cornerstone of your transformation. Your relationship with the customer must become a major differentiation factor and help to develop a strong affinity between your customers and your brand.

Your challenge is to build a customer relationship that delivers:

  • Greater simplicity and consistency between channels
  • A greater presence at key moments for the customer
  • More personalization and greater proximity
  • More day-to-day support
  • Better relational attitude and more emotion

As an internationally renowned partner for the automotive sector, we have developed a comprehensive range of services to help you improve the customer experience for individuals and businesses:

  • Increasing traffic to dealerships
  • Online advice and support
  • Multichannel and multilingual customer service
  • Virtual showrooms
  • Digital services
  • End-to-end management of the back-office client
  • Claims management
  • Loyalty programs and customer retention
  • Network support
  • Real-time customer satisfaction evaluation for all customer touchpoints (Web, network, customer service)