Back-Office Platform

Boost productivity and the quality delivered to customers
Our back-office solution helps to reduce operating costs, streamline processes and boost performance by guaranteeing fixed SLAs.

Drawing on our extensive experience in back-office services, we have developed a unique and revolutionary platform that automates operating procedures, manages processes and measures performance, allowing operational managers to take real-time action on priority tasks (multilevel), organization (internal and external), and skills and processes, etc. Using a special artificial intelligence solution, managers can simulate productivity and identify the most suitable operational strategy for their performance objectives.

Our solution connects easily to your information systems and allows you to:

  • Assign each BO process subtask to the most suitable agent (human or robot)
  • Process tasks through an integrated interface and embed the different processing tools required
  • Fine tune the progress of each BO process, managing each task as it evolves

Debt Collection & Credit Management

Automate your debt collection processes
Norma#Credit is a solution that standardizes and automates the debt collection process using customized strategies that coordinate the workflow of everyone involved (front line, collection agencies, factoring, etc.). Norma#Credit monitors and measures your debt recovery performance in real time, helping process managers to improve their collection strategies autonomously.

Our artificial intelligence engine analyzes customer behavior at each stage of the process to identify the most suitable digital channels, simplify interactions and optimize performance. Norma#Credit helps to increase company cash flow and net working capital by optimizing how you manage bad debt provisions.

Norma#Credit: A solution for standardizing and optimizing the debt collection process

Customer Feedback Management

Collect and analyze customer feedback across all channels
It is now more essential than ever to actively incorporate the customer’s voice into your strategy, to:

  • Monitor end-customers’ satisfaction in real time and take quick action to remedy any cases of dissatisfaction
  • Promote the right language, the right solution and the right moment, using the right channels

This customer-centric approach will help you to optimize customer loyalty and satisfaction and ultimately boost sales. It is based on the ConsumerLive solution developed by ConsumerLab, a company in our group that specializes in customer experience strategy.

The solution collects and analyzes customer feedback “in the moment” (after a visit to a store or website, a conversation with customer service, etc.) to gauge customer satisfaction. It helps to detect at-risk customers and, if necessary, take immediate and targeted action.

Features of ConsumerLive:

  • Real time — Instant collection and delivery of in-the-moment feedback
  • User-centric — A user-friendly service, available 24/7
  • Multichannel — Push collection (email, SMS, IVR) and pull collection (kiosks, QR codes, banners)
  • Ad hoc — Action-tracking and notification system & customized analytical reports
  • Flexible — Easily interfaces with a CRM

Digital Kiosk

Enhance the customer experience at the point of sale
We offer this disruptive concept to:

  • Simplify the customer experience at your points of sale or strategic high-traffic locations
  • Assist your sales assistants with training and technical/sales advice
  • Create the “wow” factor 

Digital kiosks are a new customer interaction tool that can be in stores or wherever you like (opportunity to expand your geographical coverage) and use web interfaces and a video-phone solution.

An interactive kiosk serves as a touchpoint between the brand and existing or potential customers for:

  • Customer service
  • Technical assistance
  • Administrative assistance
  • Buying advice
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Sales demonstrations

Field Force Management

Optimize your field team service calls
C.Field is a multichannel digital platform designed to optimize management of your field team’s service calls (installers, maintenance technicians, etc.).

C.Field provides end-to-end management of the on-site service process, including a CHATBOT for upstream appointment-scheduling that can manage several different schedules. The optimization engine checks your team’s availability and your customers’ geolocations to offer time slots that maximize resources by reducing the time between two visits. It makes the entire process more reliable and improves the customer experience. C.Field is a flexible, modular solution combining artificial intelligence with a chatbot and robotics. Our solution adapts easily to your business process management system, allowing you to gauge customer satisfaction in real time and at each key moment of the service call.

C.Field: A solution for optimizing field team service calls

Interaction Analytics

Automate collection and analysis of customer interactions to boost your decision making
Consumers interact with brands via an ever-expanding range of channels: phone, chatbots, email, social media, etc.

A thorough analysis of each of these touchpoints provides valuable information to improve the customer journey, boost sales and enhance the customer experience.

C.Analytics is an innovative solution that identifies and analyzes all types of multichannel touchpoints. Our solution, with its artificial intelligence engine, turns huge amounts of structured and non-structured information into coherent and relevant formats to assist in the decision-making process. For example, understanding interactions with customers enables us to understand and measure causes for annoyance, detect new customer behavior, improve first-call resolution, and boost performance for cross-selling and other sales.

C.Analytics: Collect and analyze multichannel interactions to create value

Knowledge & Content Database

Use knowledge to make your teams more effective
Managing knowledge is a key tool for customer service performance, allowing customer requests to be handled faster and more effectively.

C.KMC is an easy-to-use knowledge management solution that can be easily customized. Customer service teams can access all the information they need in real time, whenever they need it.

C.KMC can be used to standardize reasons for making contact and operational processes. It also provides an effective and efficient means of organizing information via structured knowledge documentation. It is a support tool for the customer service team decision-making process. The solution offers easy access to your company’s knowledge, encourages employee cooperation to improve answers provided to customers, and boosts the performance of your customer service.

C.KMC: A solution for managing company knowledge for better customer service

Multi Channel Platform

Achieve greater visibility from all customer interactions
C.Interact is a customer relations management solution that makes full use of all channels to manage digital and voice interactions, while providing a unique customer experience at each of your company’s touchpoints. By identifying goals and measuring performance, this combined digital and human approach changes how we manage the customer journey. The solution manages voice, video, chat and social media in total transparency, while standardizing business processes and operational procedures. It logs touchpoint activity and identifies links between a single customer’s touchpoints (case management). An advanced workflow system sends the customer’s request to either a digital or human resource, depending on whichever can handle the issue best and more efficiently.

C.Interact: An integrated platform for managing multichannel touchpoints (calls, chat, email, social, SMS, web/online, documents, etc.)

Process Automation

Automate repetitive activities that add no value
Ten years of experience working with big businesses across all sectors has enabled us to fine tune our solutions and specialized knowledge in customer process automation. We use software robots (RPA/RDA) to automate repetitive activities that add no value.

Our dedicated center of expertise has partnered with the market’s leading technology providers (Pega Systems and UiPath) to design the most appropriate automation architectures, define deployment strategies and architectures that minimize impact on your company’s operations, and simplify their integration into your applications.

Pega Robotics/UiPath RPA/RDA (Robotic Process/Desktop Automation): Increase process efficiency by minimizing the impact on your information system

Selfcare & Chatbot

Help your customers to be self-sufficient and offer a 24/7 service
C.Convers is a solution based on a conversational engine that responds to customer requests with no human intervention, making your customer service available 24/7. Our technology platform integrates special AI solutions for optimizing conversations with your customers. C.Convers helps to improve digitization of your interactions on all channels: Chat, ChatBot and VoiceBot.

C.Convers: Automate customer interactions to make customers more self-sufficient and simplify the customer management process

Visual Customer Assistance

Revolutionize your customer support
The TechSee platform has revolutionized how remote assistance is provided to customers, particularly in the consumer electronics and insurance sectors. Customers can send videos of their claims, showing specific damage to a room, for example, or a product that is complex to install and is not functioning correctly. The digital solution is quick and easy to use, there are no prior requirements, no customer installation, and no application integration required by your company. Supporting all mobile platforms, resolution times are cut, management costs reduced and the customer experience is enhanced.

TechSee: A ready-to-use, video streaming solution for more effective remote technical assistance