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Increasingly, interchanges between companies and customers are being facilitated by developments such as predictive analytics and operating systems based on Artificial Intelligence that crunch terabytes of big data in the blink of an eye.

One key area where such developments have the potential to make major improvements in customer service and boost profits is the recontact, the moment when a customer gets in touch with a call centre or directly with a company to lodge a complaint or simply raise a problem.

For most organizations the rate of recontact is 15-20%, this means 2 out of 10 calls are potentially wasted. On top of that, it is an indication as customer do not get what they want.

In customer care, the level of recontact is a key indicator of customer satisfaction. Comdata has developed a smart algorithm system to reduce recontact rate, predict and also intervene in real time.

We had to be fast because the re-contact happens quickly, and we needed to react in time. The Comdata approach is different, not because we use lots of parameters, but because we have designed a system to predict and then pro-actively correct the situation before the customer calls.” said Ronen Melnik – Head of Comdata Digital.

The results: increase of customer satisfaction and significative cost reduction.

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